Of all the major world religions only one claims that its founder returned alive from the grave. The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of Christianity. It can be tested and weighed in history.

But in our sophisticated scientific age, can such a belief be maintained?  Is it logical, rational, even provable? Many have claimed it can’t. But few have attempted to disprove it.  Some years ago, lawyer Frank Morrison, tried to and became a Christian as he faced the evidence. Dead men don’t rise … well not normally.  And that’s the point, isn’t it?  What Jesus Christ claimed would happen to him – resurrection – was unique. God would do something wonderful, extraordinary, that would change the history of humanity and individuals forever.

But how can we believe it today and what’s the evidence? How do Christians answer our critics and CaseForEastersustain faith in a living breathing Jesus?  That’s the task that award winning, former atheist journalist, Lee Strobel set himself.  The result is a small but punchy book, “The Case for Easter”.

Over the decades I’ve read many books on the death and resurrection of Jesus, many seeking to gather the evidence and defend the faith. I believe Strobel’s is one of the best. Why? It’s personal and passionate … this investigation was life changing for him. It’s also hard headed.  He’s no slouch in the brain department, when it comes to weighing evidence and opinion. Strobel was educated at Yale Law school and worked on the Chicago Tribune as its legal reporter.

Strobel examines the evidence for the resurrection:

¨ Medical – Was Jesus death a sham & his resurrection a hoax?

¨ The Missing body – Was it gone? Was it stolen? Misplaced?

¨ His Resurrection appearances – Was he really seen alive or was this illusion or false reporting?

Why not buy a copy today for your own reading – you’ll be enriched by it and also equipped to better answer others questions yourself.  So, buy a second or third copy to give to someone you love this Easter.