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We All Need Heroes

by Graham Crew

We all need heroes Jane and I have a 9 year old grandson.  He is besotted with Ronaldo (for the non-footballers he is a striker for Real Madrid & Portugal, and one of the world’s best & best looking players).  Our grandson has his room covered in Ronaldo pictures, can tell me all his vital […]

Message from Katoke

by Graham Crew

Alan Watson writes to us of how he can see God working mightily among the poor of Tanzania.  A full version is available from our office. “Dear family and friends, We are enjoying a picturesque Katoke which is very green with regular seasonal rains and brilliant orange-red sunrises in the eastern sky over Lake Victoria. […]

Jeremiah: speaking dangerously

by Craig Stalder

Jeremiah: speaking dangerously Lately I’ve been reading through the book of Jeremiah in my daily devotions. One of the things that has struck me in reading through this largest book in the Bible, is how hard Jeremiah’s mission was. He had to speak God’s word to a people who, not only wouldn’t listen to him, […]