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News from the Congo, Election 2016

by Graham Crew

Greetings from Bishop Isesomo (Butembo, DR Congo) “Thank you very much for your continual prayers and support. At the moment we are doing well, but still having some atrocities in the rural areas. But we are continuing with our daily work of the spreading of the gospel. Last week, I was invited by the humanitarians […]

The Celebration Bell

by Graham Crew

Cancer is everyone’s nightmare, but especially when it afflicts children.  I was deeply moved when I read this week one mum’s journey of love & tears, struggle & hope.  Let me share it “In the oncology clinic, there is an old-fashioned brass bell hanging on the wall. It’s called the Celebration Bell and when it’s […]

Some Perspectives on Baptism (Part 2)

by Graham Crew

Who?  If you haven’t been baptised yet or your children haven’t been, I’d encourage you to talk to one of our pastors soon.  Baptism is usually done as part of normal church services because when a person becomes a follower of Jesus, they become part of his family, the local church.  We’ll sometimes go to […]

Some Perspectives on Baptism (Part 1)

by Graham Crew

Why baptism? When a person joins a new group or team, they often don a uniform as a symbol of their belonging.  Our Christian symbol isn’t a uniform, but a special event – baptism.  However, it isn’t merely a human tradition. It is a sign (a sacrament) given by God in which God does something […]