Greetings from Bishop Isesomo (Butembo, DR Congo)

“Thank you very much for your continual prayers and support. At the moment we are doing well, but still having some atrocities in the rural areas. But we are continuing with our daily work of the spreading of the gospel. Last week, I was invited by the humanitarians from five different NGOs to share the Word of God with them and plan for how they should be working among the vulnerable people. We had 3 days of conference.  Last Sunday, I went to visit churches in Beni where many people have been killed. I had an opportunity to meet with local political leaders and some from MONUSCO to discuss peace. This week from Monday to Sunday we have a youth conference for young people from 12 different church denominations. We have divided them into 15 different places. We have prepared different preachers and teachers who are working in rotation. Tomorrow we will have a meeting of pastors from different church denominations to plan for a campaign of evangelism in the city during July.  On Sunday, we are doing some collections to support the work of the gospel among the pygmies who are living in the forest and who need also the gospel. We are also still preparing the conference for our pastors and their wives in October, which will gather about 254 people for 4 days. Next month we are electing a new Archbishop because the other one has resigned. We really need your continual prayers.”  Bishop Muhindo Isesomo.

PS  Anglican Aid has opened a fund to raise the A$6,000 needed to enable the pastors Conference to happen in October.

How would Jesus vote?

No it’s  serious question.  Google it and you’ll find lots of writings on this.  It can be corny or twisted to suit our political predisposition, BUT our desire is to actively seek for all we do to be shaped by Jesus’ values, commands and desires, isn’t it?  Of course.  I found some very helpful articles by Dr John Dickson, Michael Jensen &  Dominic Steele.  Some discussion points are:

How not to vote:

1) Merely how your parents voted or how you’ve always voted.

2) Favouring the Christian candidate just because they’re Christian— we need to decide first if their policies or that of their party do or don’t reflect their faith

3) Primarily for our or the country’s economic prosperity  –  is greed really good? Is this the greatest priority for our country?  Prosperity at what cost?

What to vote for:

1) What’s best for others rather than merely ourselves or our special interest group.

2) Righteousness, justice and integrity in our community.

3) The neediest and most vulnerable—for their care and also to encourage personal responsibility, not merely a handout mentality.

4) Freedom to speak & live the gospel of the Lord Jesus & to teach it to our children.

5)  Prayerfully  –  we love our community so we need God’s wisdom to vote lovingly.

 If you’d like to listen to something, Dominic has a 15 minute video on this topic at

How Would Jesus Vote?