GrahamInRedJumperWelcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Caring for others in their times of need

One of our members shared with me recently how he sought to care for a family through the terminal illness of a member.  I was so touched and impressed by his concern for both their immediate needs and their eternal needs.  Do you find that in these sorts of crisis you just don’t know what to say?  I do, even when I’m praying for God’s guidance.  Sometimes just a hug says it best, but other times those we love need more from us.  We want to share God’s promises & help.

Let me share with you a couple of little booklets I’ve found very helpful when I’m trying to help and can’t say much myself.  “Someone Cares” is designed for those facing hospital, illness or accident.  “God Understands” is designed for those who are bereaved.  They are in clear, large print, not “preachy” but seek to address the various emotions or concerns that people may have—sharing what God promises to those who reach out to Him.  I often suggest they leave it by their bedside and see if it helps.  So many have told me that they have.  Copies are available from our office.

Why support our Annual Building Fund Appeal

There are many demands on our Christian giving so we need to prioritise.  Why do Jane and I give to our ABFA?  Building don’t save anyone.  But they can provide good opportunities so people to hear the gospel, find Jesus and grow in His family.  Over decades the leaders and members of our church have provided us with outstanding facilities for ministry in 21st century.  They have given & worked sacrificially for the current buildings we enjoy so our mortgage has been reduced 62% over the past 7 years to now under $300,000.  Parish Council’s aim is pay it off by Sept 2020.  Our ABFA is crucial for this as it raises half the years funds.  If every family unit could give between $200-$1000 per year we would pay it off BEFORE 2020!  Please get you gift in over the next 4 weeks. Let’s complete the task together.


Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew