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Sports People need Jesus too

WheelChairAthletesSports Chaplaincy Aust. reports, cycling Chaplain Murray Lydeamore will leave Australia on the first leg of his 5th Paralympics with the Australian Para cycling team. The Aussie cycling team is made up of 16 riders and 9 staff members. Murray and the team will enter the Games Village on August 31.

Sports Chaplaincy Australia was established in 1982 and today has over 220 chaplains across numerous sports at elite level and local  – AFL, NRL, basketball, netball, swimming , AIS, cycling, motor racing, surfing, life saving, soccer, tennis, golf, pony club , and many more.  Warwick & Wendy Mears from Caringbah Baptists are NSW reps for SCA.  Training and certification is available and new chaplains are needed in many local Shire teams.

Freedom of Speech and Protest 

Australian Christian Lobby reports that Victoria’s badly crafted anti-free speech buffer zone laws have resulted in the arrest of a Melbourne mother of 13. The law which was designed to prevent people from protesting within 150 metres of hospitals, GP clinics prescribing RU 486 and abortion clinics was so confusing that it was only a matter of time before someone would get arrested. The anti-free speech buffer zones take in churches, universities and other institutions leading to the ridiculous situation where the Government is controlling what can and cannot be expressed in relation to abortion in the community at large.  ACL comments, “The banning of any pro-life communication within 150 metres of all these premises is simply the Government silencing speech that it does not agree with.

The ACL hopes that the Government will respond to the arrest of the Melbourne mother by placing its legislation back on the drawing board to ensure no more Victorians will fall foul of the unclear free speech ban.  Christian’s always reject violence in protest or personal abuse.  But more and more media and government are being lobbied by those who oppose expression of genuine Christian views which might critique societal views.

GrahamInRedJumperCalling All Parents

Join in the consultation today at 2.30-3.45pm in the Kenneth Roughley Hall.  The question for us is “what would you like to see in our youth & children’s ministries over the next 3-4 years” AND  our annual Xtreme camp is just 6 weeks away.  Places fill quickly so book in your Year 4, 5 or 6 student today.  See Olivia or Michael for details.  Subsidies are available.  Please pray for our camp.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew