GrahamInRedJumperWelcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Our next Sermon series – 1 Samuel

A number of our members have spoken to me of how helpful they have found the James series.  I know too that a number of our LIFE group use the study guides as a way of preparing for church and listening to God prior to the sermons.

Others have asked me how we decide on what is preached.  There’s no mysterious magic.  Sometimes it’s in response to suggestions or request you have made.  At other times I consult with staff or LIFE group leaders on what they think we need.  But broadly I’m seeking to work systematically through the whole Bible.  I’ve been here now 6½ years and although we’ve covered a fair bit there’s a lot still to go!  I also work on the pattern that each year, over 4 terms we cover the Old Testament, New testament, Gospel and topical issues.  This helps to avoid favourites or hobby horses, or neglecting parts of God’s word that aren’t “popular”.  If you have suggestions I’d love to receive them as we are now beginning to plan our 2017 program.  The 1 Samuel study guide is now available from our office in hard or soft copy.

Family Services 9th October for our 9.30am and 4pm churches 

We hold 4 family services each year, one in each of the school holidays and then our special Christmas Eve 5pm service which is already well into planning under the leadership of Brielle Buckley and our children’s team.  I love our family services with our children highly involved.  During all school holidays the children come into church for the first 15 minutes of church.  I believe it’s important for children to be in church with their parents or grandparents.  They are a vital part of our church family, not something separate.  It’s important too for them to learn “being church”.  Our Kidschurch teams do a brilliant job, but they cannot replace the church experience and being part of the whole people of God.

Thanksgiving Sunday 16th October

It’ll be HUGE (as the theologian Darrell Eastlake used to say)!  Don’t miss it with special input from our kids at 930am and 4pm.  Please prepare you hearts and be ready to stand up and encourage your church family by relating how you have seen the Lord working in and through his people this year – in your family, your ministry, your congregation, your life or your work.   I believe celebration and praise are a vital part of a healthy church life.  I love Thanksgiving Sunday at Gymea.  Parish Council will also again be inviting us to express our thanks and our commitment to the year ahead with our special Thanksgiving Gifts.  See you on 16th!

Gymea Welcomes Matthew Steele-Smith in 2017.

matthewsteelesmithI’m delighted that Matthew has agreed to join our Sunday ministry team in January 2017.  He was part of the SMBC mission in March of this year.  PC has agreed to employ him to provide lead instrument at 930am church (he’s an excellent, experienced keyboardist and guitarist).  I’m also enormously grateful to Jessamy, Roger, Craig, Josh and David who have all shifted from other congregations at times to help lead our music at 930 church.                                     Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew