GrahamInRedJumperWelcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today.

Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Thanksgiving Sunday

This is one of my favourite days of the year! We are so privileged that God is worth our praise and thanks!  I love to hear the stories of what god has been doing in the lives and ministries of our members

Our Sermon series – 1 Samuel

We seek to cover all areas of the Bible’s teaching through the year and I’m looking forward to this Old Testament gem.  If you have suggestions I’d love to receive them as we are now beginning to plan our 2017 program.  The 1 Samuel study guide is now available from our office in hard or soft copy.

Earthquake in Tanzania – support for Anglican churches there is needed! Peter and Rowena Bragg, are working with Latoke Trust there. An earthquake has hit the region causing much damage to homes and churches but not directly in Katoke itself. Please support if you can through the Archbishop of Sydney’s relief fund. For information and to donate, go to 

Our Sympathy with our prayers, is expressed to our brother Tim McIleer following the death of his mother last Sunday.

News on Bishop Ivan Lee  –  thanks for all your prayers for him over the past year. Ivan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last October and underwent extensive surgery. This was a complex but successful operation and one for which we thank God as we do the six months of chemotherapy that followed. Unfortunately, only 20 to 25 percent of people with pancreatic cancer survive longer than twelve months. So we thank God that Ivan is within this narrow statistic. Although Bishop Lee still has many hurdles to mount along the way, his most recent scan evidenced no presence of the cancer and with renewed energy he is back to full time ministry.


  • A proposal was accepted to help churches to sponsor Syrian refugees and this will be investigated by our Refugee support Committee soon.
  • Support was offered to our archbishop in his clear stand for biblical teaching in the licencing issue for Dr Mascord
  • A small but significant booklet called “What has God joined together?” has been produced to assist all Christians in thinking through and speaking with their neighbours about the issue of same sex marriage.
  • Soul Revival Church’s development to full Parish will be celebrated at synod next week. We give thanks for God’s working in and through them.
  • Thanks again to Dr Alan Watson and Barbara Archer who represent us so faithfully in this important forum

   Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew