GrahamInRedJumperWelcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Primetime enters it’s 20’s

Ministries will always change and develop over the years.  I’m very grateful to the team who run our Primetime.  Primetime has served our over 50’s for more than 20 years.  Much of that time Dr Bonamy has guided the ship.  I’m delighted that he has agreed to continue to lead it with the very able help of a wonderful team.

Springfair 2016

Another Springfair has come and gone by the time you’re reading this.  No matter what the weather I’ve been so impressed by the patience, hard work and the spirit of unity which our members bring to this annual event – especially at the end of the day when the last thing anyone feels like is clean up!  What a team … but every team needs a leader and we deeply appreciate Stephen’s dedication and the coordination too that Kim in our office brings to this and all her tasks.

Church budgeting by your Parish Council

Our PC would value your prayers for our annual budget meeting on 17th November.  This is never an easy time because there are always more things we would like to do than money available.  PC is very grateful to our members for their support and generous giving.  They would treasure your prayers at this time.

Pastoral Care at Gymea

What is Pastoral Care?  It’s love with a spiritual depth, caring for the whole person.  Here at Gymea Anglican the first place this begins is in LIFE groups which link members of our wider church congregations.  It’s easy to hang loose at church and keep relationships shallow.  LIFE groups are designed for real friendships and caring to happen, guided by Bible study and expressed in prayer.  BUT LIFE groups can’t do it all.  Our pastors provide specialist care and for those who are unable to be in a LIFE group or have needs beyond what their LIFE group can provide, then there is our Pastoral care Team, coordinated by Chris Leong. What does our Pastoral Care team do?  Here’s a few:


Our Pastoral Care team would really love some new volunteers.  Do you think you could help occasionally in one of these?  Let Chris Leong know on  if you would be interested.

Do you work in the city?

City Bible Forum provides lunchtime forums, bible studies and other events designed to encourage & equip believers and also give seekers a chance to investigate Jesus in their work place.  For details Cathy Robertson (9:30 church) or

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew