GrahamInRedJumperWelcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

National Church Life Survey – Thank you to all who engaged with the census last Sunday, and apologies for the disruption to our normal services.

Parish Council update – PC met this week and finalised the 2017 budget.  Always an important but stressful exercise.  We have retained our current staff and added Matthew Steele-Smith to music and youth ministry.  Giving increase has been projected to be to 4.2%.  Staff salary increases set by the Diocese are 1.4% this year.

Improvements to our church building,133 Gymea Bay Rd and Busy Bees were all planned and discussed.  A defibrillator has been acquired for the protection of our members and guests through a $2500 grant.  Please pray for the success of our grant application for the Busy Bees renovation. The respective benefits of church data bases Elvanto and CCB have been researched and thoroughly discussed by Council.

davesprojectDave Mansfield from Anglican Aid at all services

He’ll be sharing with us his insights into the refugee situation here and around the world today and what the scriptures say about caring for the needy.  I commend Anglican Aid to all our members as a “good investment” in compassion and gospel ministry.

Euthanasia – a vital ongoing issue – This week the AMA released its policy on voluntary euthanasia (VE).  Not surprisingly the AMA opposes the legalising of VE.  The very people who would be asked to do the “assisting”, who experience more than any other the suffering and care of the dying, don’t believe it is a right step nor wish to be part of it.  The AMA president went further to say, very significantly, that some of the younger doctors support VE but the older doctors, who had been closer to caring for the dying for longer were more against VE than those just graduating.

Despite this, moves to legalise VE are pushing on – in Victoria and Queensland bills to legalise VE are before the parliament and in South Australia legalising VE was avoided by just one vote in parliament.  It is unlikely that VE will be legalised under the current NSW Premier and government,  I believe we cannot be passive about this issue.  The AMA report significantly called for greater attention and spending in palliative care.  This is something that we can and should raise with our local representatives.

Congratulations Michael Mak

Michael is on annual leave from Monday for 2 weeks.  This follows celebrations on Saturday when Michael graduated from SMBC with a Bachelor of Theology.  He is the first in his family to gain a degree.  They and we are very proud of your efforts Michael!

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew