GrahamInRedJumperWelcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Welcome today to Dr Mark Thompson Principal of Moore Theological College, our guest speaker at all congregations.  Please keep praying that God would raise up from among our young men and women many who would train & go where God would have them take the gospel of our Lord Jesus.  Our Parish has set a goal of training & sending 10 by 2020.

Matthew Steele-Smith (our student minister for 2017) – is looking for a 1-2 bedroom unit or granny flat in the Shire for under $350 per week from February 2017.  Both he and his fiance Stephanie Smith will be joining our church next year and they want to live and minister with us while both studying fulltime.  Please pray for them and keep an eye out for a possible new home for them.

Christmas – is an especially difficult time emotionally for those who are recently bereaved or who have experienced unemployment or family breakdown.  Please pray for them and look out for those who are hurting.  Our special Reflection Church at 6pm on 23rd December is designed for all who want to remember our Lord Jesus coming but free from some of the fuss & fan fare.  Bishop Dr Reg Piper will our guest speaker!

SRE Assemblies at Gymea Bay & Gray’s Point – brought the message of God’s love to over 900 students.  Thanks to Olivia for her leadership and for your donations which enabled us to hire the marvellous Quizworks presentation.  Donations to our SRE Trust are tax deductible.

Thank God – for our ministry leaders and LIFE group leaders who every week faithfully serve their groups and prepare to teach God’s word.

toulminsBishop Andi from Aru Diocese in Democratic Replubic of Congo (DRC) to visit Gymea –  Aru Diocese is where Graham & Wendy Toulmin have built the dental school with the help of Anglican Aid. The school trains dentists, which are much needed  for the whole of east DRC and has little or no government services.  Bishop Andi will join us on 19th Feb 2017 as part of Anglican Aid’s Waterworks for life campaign.

Crew’s Christmas – on a personal note, Jane and I would like to thank you for your generous prayers and support for us as our family “expands” as we care for our 10 year old grandson.  We are deeply grateful to you all for your love.  This Christmas for the first time in 35 years we will be away from our church & family as we take a break of annual leave from 12th Dec to 4th Jan.  We are very grateful for the great leadership of our wardens, staff and pastoral care team to make this possible. Craig Stalder will oversee our staff and Parish during my absence.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew