Welcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Annual Parish Meeting  –  on Thursday night 

What a great night … thank you to all who prayed for this and attended.  Thanks to all who helped with the night, especially Ben, Roger, Steve, George and Kim.  It was wonderful to hear what the Lord is doing among us.  Those elected and appointed to serve us this year:

Wardens – Dean Eades, George Ward (elected) & Stephen Leitch (appointed)

Parish Councillors – James Archer, Paul Archer, Helen Ient,  Julia Harrison (PC secretary), Matthew Robson, Laura Burns, Carol Pennington (Treasurer), Alan Webb, Sean Buckley

Parish Nominators – Barbara Archer, Fay East, Luke Riley, Sean Buckley, Steve Leitch

Synod Representatives (3 year appointment) Barbara Archer, Dr Alan Watson

Please pray for these  men and women for their godly lives and sacrificial service.

Communication & Technology Team

Last year parish Council appointed Matt Robson to head our team of skilled and dedicated volunteers.  C & T is a vital part of any organisation today and we’re very grateful to the who serve us so faithfully “behind the scenes”.  Please pray for them and contact the appropriate team member with your suggestions or concerns.  A list of C & T jobs recently completed or in process has been posted on the church notice board and will be regularly updated.

Director & Branding & Advertising –  Matt Robson
Outreach Posters  –  Bob East
Computers, telephone & Internet Maintenance – Paul Archer & Adam Boyd
Social Media  – Matthew Robson plus …
Elvanto & Bulletin & Calendar – Kim Cooper
Website  –  Paul Archer
PA Maintenance   –  Ben Stephenson
PA Training – Adi Paterson
Warden liason – Steve Leitch

Does the Reformation still matter?

This will be the theme for a series of sermons and studies we undertake as a church in Term 2.  A number of churches in the Shire are also doing this.  Study guides will be available by April, including topics of the Reformation and …

¨ Prayer and worship
¨ Marriage and family
¨ Work and vocation
¨ Church and state

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew