Welcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Our Communication team is working through many projects.  A list of 90 completed or in progress can be found on the church notice board. To assist our members, we’ve compiled this “who do you call” list.  It’s also a work in progress, so please let me know where it needs to be corrected or added to.  Please tear this out & keep this handy for your future use!

Who do I contact when there are issues of suggestion about?

Church PA

  • Repairs, upgrades & maintenance –  Ben Stephenson
  • User Training  –  Adi Paterson
  • Rosters & recruitment  –  Adi Paterson (930) & Craig Stalder (6pm)

Church Phone, Internet – Paul Archer

Church Communications, Advertising & Branding – Matt Robson

Outreach Posters – Bob East & Alan Webb

Church Bulletin – Kim Cooper or Graham Crew

Church Website – Ben Stephenson & Matthew Robson

Church computers

  • Repairs, upgrades & maintenance  –  Paul Archer
  • Projection User Training  –  Ben Stephenson
  • Rosters & recruitment  –  Kim Cooper (mornings) Craig (6pm)

Sunday Morning Projection Power Points – Ben Stephenson

Sunday Night Projection Power Points  – Craig Stalder

Sermon recording  –  Craig & Night Church team

Church Vergering – Ben Stephenson

Facebook Pages

  • Gymea Anglican  –  Aaron, Georgia Stanton, Andrew Donahue
  • BTX  –  Craig Stalder
  • Playtime  –  Olivia Robson
  • ECHO – Craig Stalder

Church Finances – Wardens especially Dean Eades, Carol Pennington (Treasurer)

Luke Riley (Ass. Treasurer)

Pastoral Care – LIFE group leaders, Staff, Chris Leong, Steve Leitch

Property – Wardens especially George Ward

Grounds Team – Alan Robinson

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew