Welcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Update for our members on Church Finances and Staffing

Parish Council notes, with concern, the need for prayer regarding our current shortfall in general giving and asks all our members to make this a matter of prayer.  PC also reduced our weekly budget for staffing by $285 per week for 2017 in light of Michael Mak’s departure.  This makes our weekly budget $6,800.  We have employed Aaron Smith on Sundays to assist in our children’s ministry and are looking for other suitable student ministers to assist.

Updates from Parish Council – and seeks your prayers

  • Matt Robson and Paul Archer from our Communications Team have updated the list of jobs completed or underway … please see the church noticeboard or contact Paul or Matt for a copy. PC expressed its ongoing thanks to them and CT for their diligent work.
  • We are soon to trial a new means of online payment so that members and guests can pay for camps and events by credit card or direct debit online. Members will be updated on this soon.
  • A new amplifier will be purchased for the church at a cost of $780.
  • Lightening protection on our electrical system has almost been completed at a cost of approx. $2500.
  • Busy Bees Hall renovations –  we received a grant of $7000 from the NSW government to improve the hall to make it more useful for family, youth & adult ministry.  Extensive decking, a kitchenette, TV, air conditioning, repainting, roof repairs & skylight. The Eades family donated the glass doors.  Our builder, James McLachlan, is working Fridays & Saturdays on the reno.  When this is completed, James will move on to prepare 133 GBR. We received a $4000 grant from ADM for these renovations.
  • Our church has had continuing good consultation with Bishop Hayward, Anglican Property Trust and Anglicare to progress our partnership with Anglicare to lease 133 GBR for 2 years to host Syrian refugee families, as part of Anglicare’s new “SHIFT program”.
  • Continues to investigate the possibility of employing student ministers in the roles of p/t Women’s Pastor and Family & Children’s Pastor. Suitable candidates have not yet been identified – finding the right people is crucial and mustn’t be rushed.
  • PC noted with concern the need for prayer regarding our current shortfall in general giving and asks our members to make this a matter of prayer. PC also reduced our budget for staffing by $285 per week for 2017 in light of Michael Mak’s departure.
  • Will seek during May-June our members special giving to our tax deductible funds (SRE and Music Trusts) for vital ongoing ministry of our staff. Note – Matt Steele Smith is employed entirely from money provided by the Music Trust and the Wylie Estate.  The SRE Trust requires $48,000 this year to pay for staff and materials for our SRE teaching at Gymea bay and Grays Pt Primary Schools.
  • PC was requested by members to investigate the possibility of taking on the 2nd Chance Op Shop when the Uniting Church ends this ministry in June. Consultation has been held with the shop agent, 2nd Chance and Anglicare to see if our church could enter a partnership with Anglicare to continue this important local ministry.  Unfortunately it is our understanding that the shop will be leased for other purposes.

Your Brother in Christ, Graham Crew