Welcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Meet our church family  –  celebrate God’s work in us:

Archbishop Davies will join us in celebrating our 90th Year in October.  We are hoping he will launch our new book “90 Years 90 Stories” full of life stories from our members … answering the question “How has God been working in the lives of his people here?”

So here’s a brief story from Jean Robinson to get us started. Journalist Hayley Hunkin or I would love to receive your stories too!  Jean writes:

My family was involved in the Anglican Church here from its beginning. “Gran” Malthouse was present at the very first church service conducted under a tree in 1927 & her hat was used for the church collection…the rest of her family were out fishing (editor … no matter how good the fishing is it’s not a good reason to miss church these days).  Well that’s why people came here for weekends!   My dad, Ern, built a weatherboard “weekender” & family and friends came regularly.

In 1939 Ern, his sister Emily & their mum moved here permanently and a few years later my mum, Gwen, finally said she would marry Ern & they continued faithful, active members of St Barnabas’ Church Gymea Bay and the larger Parish (Ern died 1967, Gwen in 1998).

I was influenced by teachers & speakers at church activities and wanted to be a nurse & a missionary  from an early age … following General, Midwifery & Child Health nursing and Deaconess Diploma I worked with the South American Missionary Society in Argentina, serving the Lord Jesus and the indigenous “Wichi”. Staying at home after 1985, I worked part time at St George Hospital which allowed me to care for an aging mum, as well as involvement with Kids’ Church and Music Ministry at Gymea, and SAMS Committee where Gordon & I got to know each other!

With Gordon I am involved mostly in Seniors’ ministry, sharing fellowship and God’s Word in different ways and various places each month (they both visit & pastorally care for scattered church family members & friends including the local nursing homes).

Thanks Jean – now how about the rest of you have a go at telling your stories—to the glory of God our Saviour.

Update for our members on Church Finances and Staffing

Parish Council notes, with concern, the need for prayer regarding our current shortfall in general giving and asks all our members to make this a matter of prayer.  PC also reduced our weekly budget for staffing by $285 per week for 2017 in light of Michael Mak’s departure.  This makes our weekly budget $6,800.  We have employed Aaron Smith on Sundays to assist in our children’s ministry and are looking for other suitable student ministers to assist.

Your Brother in Christ, Graham Crew