Welcome to our church today

It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

Mother’s Day

This has become one of the sacred cows of our society.  I’m told its much bigger in Oz than almost anywhere else in the world.  This is for good and bad reasons I suspect.   On the “bad” side – businesses love “special days” because they can manipulate us into buying more of their products … and so American Halloween and Valentines Days have now become important economic drivers.

And yet I believe its good for our society to stop and honour not only mothers, but woman more generally.  I’m deeply grateful to my wife Jane who is such a model of godliness, integrity, love and sacrifice; my mother who worked so hard to enable my brother & me, and my children, to enjoy so many opportunities that were denied her; my maiden aunt Win who was my 2nd mum. Then there’s the sisters in Christ that God has surrounded me with including those who were the first ones to invite me to a Bible Study group back in Year 9 at High School.

This church has a wonderful rich history of women serving skilfully, wisely and sacrificially.  And let’s not forget to equally honour the men in our lives.  At a time when godly masculinity and femininity are under attack and gender identity is preached as “fluid”, let’s affirm both equality and difference are God given.

Refugee Update

Yes the process of commencing hosting a refugee family in 133 GBR drags on.  Our members and Parish Council are all behind it.   Anglicare and Anglican Property Trust are still working out the legalities.  So we can’t begin renovations or furniture collection till the lease is signed.  Dean Eades, real estate manager and church warden, is providing us with excellent advice and George Ward is managing the renovation planning.  Thank you for your patience  –  please keep praying that we be able to serve one of these devastated families from Syria.

Gradual Church Upgrade

At last year’s Parish Planning Morning, members asked Parish Council to continue to update our building.  The foyer has been streamlined & the over all paintwork freshened and lightened.  Our lighting is being strengthened, and the magenta trim is being removed.  A coffee nook is planned for the back corner with additional lounges to create a more relaxed space.  Thank you to Allan Robinson & our wardens who have found ways to strengthen our broken chairs and secure suitable options if we need to replace any in the future.

Shire Evangelistic Mission 2018

The 11 Anglican Parishes will unite with 3 teams from Moore College 19-26 March 2018.  Gymea will combine with Sylvania, Sutherland & Jannali to extend and develop local ministries together.  If you have a suggestion eg. combined churches youth night or a strategy to welcome new comers to the area or an outreach at TAFE or Sutherland Markets then please let me or our PC or staff know.

Your Brother in Christ, Graham Crew