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Margaret Court bullied for expressing a Christian View Point
Margaret Court has been abused, mocked and attacked for her response to QANTAS CEO’s support of marriage redefinition.  But the “LGBTI” community lost support this week for  same sex marriage redefining by their bullying of Court. That’s the view of same sex marriage supporter Sarrah Le Marquand.  She also noted that gay activist Shannon Molloy was forced to  resign from the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL) because of bullying from fellow board members, because he wrote for the right wing Telegraph.

Sadly, those that have been bullied for their sexuality are now becoming the bullies, attempting to silence those with a different point of view.  How should Christians respond?  Throw up our hands in despair?  Retaliate in kind, trying to shout louder?  Give up, cower in silence?

We’re called by our Lord Jesus to love those who persecute us for his sake (but not for our rudeness).  He also calls us his salt and light in society.  Since God’s way of living is really good for people, then it’s good to encourage people to embrace it – and to strive to model it ourselves.  The latest McKrindle research tells us that 1 in 4 Australians are keen to hear from us about Jesus and the things that will attract them most will be us living out our faith genuinely and as ordinary Christians.  So keep speaking of the difference Jesus makes – and of course keep striving to live it.

Ministry Workers’ Conference, ‘Gospel Ministry & Human Sexuality’, is on Wednesday, 16th August. Talks are:
▪ Understanding the cultural challenge – how the gospel is indeed good news for same sex attracted people.
▪ God’s word and same sex attraction – how the Biblical texts speak to human sexuality and sexual ethics.
▪ Building a biblically inclusive church – how we can make our churches places where same-sex attracted believers will flourish.
(We can register our church for live-stream for the Wednesday conference for $80, if our members are interested).

Major Day Conference, ‘Jesus, Good News and Sexuality,’ is on Saturday, 19th August.
Talks are:
▪ Grappling with Sexuality– a more testimonial session aimed at helping people understand  what it is like to navigate same-sex attraction as a Christian.
▪ Pastoral Support for Same Sex Attracted Christians.
Engaging with the World.
For more info – http://www.liberty.sydney

News from Diocesan Regional Conference
Craig and I attended our Diocesan Regional Conference this week and were privileged to hear from Moore College Mission’s Director Simon Gillham (former CMS missionary to Namibia).  He reported research into Muslims becoming followers of Jesus.  From 632AD to 2000AD there had been just 15 major movements of Muslims becoming Christians, BUT in the last 15 years, there have been 69!   He reported large numbers of Muslims coming to faith in Jesus from Iran, Iraq and Syria – many because of love experienced at the hands of Christians in the countries to which they have fled from ISIS and war.  For more information on this see “A Wind in the House of Islam” by David Garrison.  Keep praying big prayers!

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew

PS   –  apologies for my grammatical and spelling errors from time to time.  Often the fingers type faster than the brain works (which isn’t that fast) and sometimes copy arrives too late for our office to review.