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It’s great to share with you at church today. Please make yourself known to our staff if you are visiting.

90th Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate and mark our 90th year, Three of our buildings will be renamed (and two renovated). Busy Bees Hall will be opened on Sunday 18th June at 11am by the Attorney General, Mark Speakman and Joan Thompson. This building has been renovated as a multipurpose hall with a kitchenette and decking and will be renamed “Thompson Hall” in honour of the long ministry in this parish of the late Keith Thompson and Joan in recognition of their services to hospital and gospel work in Australia wide and internationally.

On Sunday 9th July at 11am, Bishop Reg and Dorothy Piper will open the soon to be renovated “Piper Cottage” (133 Gymea Bay Road). As well as being our former regional bishop and senior pastor, Reg had a significant role in supporting our first refugee hosted family—The Martins from Iraq.

On Sunday 22nd October at 11.15am, Archbishop Glen Davies will open “Derrett House” (129 Gymea Bay Road) in honour of the long and faithful ministries of Reverend Jack and Bev Derrett, both at Gymea Parish and across the Diocese.

Urgent Update from Our Mission Partners

A quick Preston prayer point update, as a number of you have been asking/wondering how Lucas got on with his MRI and cat scan last week.  Firstly, thanks so much for praying.  In 3 days we managed to get 5 different appointments largely due to cancellations one after the other.  It was quite remarkable!  It also meant that we had answers by the weekend which helped the emotional roller coaster enormously.

According to the MRI and the doctor, Lucas’ hearing in his left ear will not be affected by what’s going on in his right ear so we’re very thankful for that.  His right ear is a bit of a mystery, as there is no nerve attached to the cochlear which means he has no hearing in his right ear and this is permanent.  Normally this would be the case from birth but he had a hearing test when he was 4 here in Sydney which indicated he was within the normal range, hence the mystery. The next step is to get some tests done on the other nerves which will happen July 10 and he will also be assessed for hearing devices.  If this all goes to plan he will only lack directional hearing. All in all he is coping remarkably well.  He was probably the most excited MRI patient they have ever had and did a fantastic job trying to stay still! His parents have gone from grief the first week that he has permanent hearing lost to relief the second week that it’s only in one ear. Thanks again for prayers, support and concern for us. Coralie, Steve and Lucas


The Anglican Church in Sydney has established a committee to prepare a response to gender identity issues. The committee wants to understand the experiences of those dealing firsthand with gender identity issues (e.g., gender dysphoria, gender incongruence, transgenderism) – whether experienced personally or as family members, educators, counsellors, healthcare professionals, church staff, friends, church members, or any other relationship. We would be grateful if those concerned could help us by telling their own stories. A free anonymous online survey can be found at


The survey will close on 19 June 2017. If you do not qualify for this survey but would like to comment on gender identity issues, please send your feedback to sic@sydney.anglican.asn.au.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew