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Dear Friends,

Please pray for our Archbishop. Below is an edited version of his letter to the Anglican College of Bishops. Full copies are available from the church office.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew

Letter to the College of Bishops

“Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Many of you will know the recent decision of the Scottish Episcopal Church which amended their canons so as to change the definition of marriage, and hence endorse the marriage of same-sex couples within the Church. This amounts to another significant and sad moment in the life of the Anglican Communion, akin to the consecration of Gene Robinson in 2003.

As you will all know, I consider such an action to be a travesty of the rule of Christ, of the doctrine of the Book Of Common Prayer and therefore an abandonment of the principles of Anglican doctrine to which we have committed ourselves.

In response to the decision of the Scottish Episcopal Church, the bishops of the Anglican Church in North America, in consultation with many Primates of the Global South and of Gafcon have decided, upon request of Anglican Christians in Britain, to consecrate a missionary bishop to those who have left the Church of England, or will soon leave the Scottish Episcopal Church, because they cannot abide the ineffective and errant leadership of their synods and some of their own bishops. They need our prayers.

The decision to consecrate a missionary bishop does not come lightly. The Reverend Canon Andy Lines at the end of this month is for the purpose of providing episcopal oversight to those faithful Anglicans who can no longer in good conscience remain under their bishop or be a part of the church they once cherished.

I have been invited to participate in this consecration and after the consulting of the Standing Committee of the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney, our Primate and the Archbishop of Canterbury, I have decided to do so.

From the Primate’s response to this decision and his counsel not to participate, I understand that some of you will disagree and disapprove of my participation. I do not make the decision lightly, nor do I wish to cause division among our episcopal ranks. However, I believe that my participation is an act of solidarity with those who contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Not to participate, since I shall be present, would send a signal of a different kind, and one which I do not believe would bring honour to Christ and his gospel. As we celebrate 500 years of Martin Luther’s brave efforts to withstand those teaching was contrary to the gospel, new days bring fresh challenges for defending the truth.”

Glenn N Davies
Archbishop of Sydney