WOW … Church Annual Big Weekend was tremendous

We are deeply grateful to the team Craig, Steve, Sam, Cameron, Olivia, Justin et al, who organised WeekendAway at Port Hacking with over 150 people attending the weekend.  Thanks to Peter and Reg for their wonderful challenges from God’s word.  What steps will you take this week to ensure you finish strong.  Remember Reg’s quotes from the late Bishop Ken Short … “how are you going Ken?”  “Nothing that a good resurrection won’t fix!”  and on his death bed when asked how he was feeling Ken replied “the future has never looked better!”  That’s finishing strong!

Update On Our Hosting Syrian Refugees

This week Steve Leitch met with Anglican Property Trust over on-going delays over the lease arrangement.  They will meet again in 3 weeks time this time with Anglicare.  Please pray that the red tape issues would be resolved.  Everyone wants this to go ahead but technical issues are slowing the process.

The expectation is that we will host families over a two year period and then reconsider the arrangement.  We can end the program then or renew it.  No family has yet been chosen but they will be a mum and dad with children probably from Syria and Christian.  Our Parish Council is happy for a family of any religion to be cared for here but Anglicare has decided that being on church property it would be best to start with a Christian family, most likely Syrian Orthodox.  They may or may not choose to worship with us. The family could be highly educated, speak perfect English & find work quickly or none of these.  Anglicare will supply up to $3,000 worth of new electrical goods for the house.  We have received a grant of $4,100 from ADM for renovations.  If we need to spend more than this then Parish Council will use some of the Wylie Estate money to cover it.  No budget money is involved.  Anglicare will rent the property from us for a proposed $575pw and then they will lease it to the refugee family.  They will have full government benefits, Medicare etc and will be seeking employment asap. Anglicare will also supply a weekly case worker, trauma & financial counselling.  Our job will be to love them.  We still don’t know the make up of the family so we won’t be asking for donated goods till we know who is coming and what their needs are. Thank you for your prayers and patience.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew