Church Outreach Poster Ministry

For the past 2 years our church has been part of the Outreach Poster ministry.  You will see these posters on various churches around Sydney including Sutherland Presbyterian and Cronulla Anglican.  Bob East, Hans Beilharz and Alan Webb oversee this ministry for our Parish Council and they welcome your comment and feedback.  The ministry cost approx. $600pa.  Posters are updated monthly.  They are designed to be thought provoking for the passer-by and also a means of conversation for our members to strike up with our neighbours – “Have you seen the latest poster on our church?  What do you think?”

This months is based on Jesus famous words from the Sermon on the Mount  Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock”. (Matthew 7:24)

Outreach posters comment about this month’s image, “Not everyone ends up building an actual house. But we all have to build a life. Which means, in a world that gets harder and more complicated with each passing year, we need to make wise decisions. So, if building a life is like building a house then how do we build wisely? Jesus tells us to build our life foundation on his words. he asks people to be honest with themselves and God. And he challenges people to live their lives to God’s high standard. Deep down we know these things are right. Are you ready to start a fresh building? Considering this magnificent fact may be a help… Jesus willingly went to the cross and sacrificed his life for the sake of the world. It shows us that his words aren’t empty. On the contrary – they’re solid as a rock.”

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Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew