Dad’s Celebrate Father’s Day with gifts that keep giving

I asked a couple of book experts to recommend their top 5 that dads and their children can enjoy together.  Olivia recommended these favourites for dads to read to their little ones:

  • Thoughts that make your heart sing– Sally Llody-Jones & Tim Keller ( Great for family devotions)
  • The Biggest Story – Kevin Deyoung ( God’s big picture)
  • God Knows All about me –  Claire Page ( Great for pre-schoolers)
  • The Storm That Stopped – Mitchell & Echeverri (Storybook on Jesus calming storm)
  • For fathers with older children (Pre teens/ Teens)
  • Case for Christ for kids – Lee Strobel (For kids asking big questions about Jesus)
  • Growing up by the book- Patricia Weerakoon (Child development with a Christian prospective)

Jane Crew recommended these for older primaries to read or have dad read to them.

Narnia series + The Hobbit + Ranger’s Apprentice series + 1st 2 Harry Potter books + Roald Dahl: The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Update from President Hengebi of ECPNG (one of our 8 Mission partners)

Our church has invited Pres. Henegebi and his wife Benesi to again visit our church and update us on the work of the lord and the challenge they all face.  He replied (edited for publishing) :
“It is very disappointing that the election aftermath  has delayed all our programs.  We cancelled the urban  regional conference to be held in Mendi  this week. The Highlands conference in Poroma at the end of this month has been postponed because the election counting is continuing, after fighting in Mendi town, leaving 5 people dead.“

“The church car was held up at Nipa over the weekend when Henry our mechanic was returning from Hagen with supplies. He was fired at and the bullet went though the side window. Thankfully he was not hurt. The vehicle was returned after 12 hour negotiations, minus the number plate, supplies in the car, spare tyre etc. Western province regional conference is further pushed back to late October.

“So my friend  this  year is shaping up to be chaotic for me.  I  look forward to coming at a later date (2018). I love to catch up with all of you. We have adopted  a baby girl from the Philippines.  Her name is Nissi, she is 1 year 2 months.  In the meantime Theo (severely injured in a road accident) is working very hard every day to get his balance and walk. His cousins are working with him with a help and guidance of a Physio Therapist.”  Blessings, Hengebe

News from our Mission Partners in France

The Apieczoneks will be back in 2018 after 3 years in Paris. They’ll be with us in April

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Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew