Image of Craig StalderSo… what’s been happening in our BTX youth community?

Friends  –  I am so thankful to God to report that BTX (By the Cross) has just finished a wonderful Term 3. As well as having some really fun nights like DIY dessert & a Mexican Fiesta, our focus this term was “Hot Topics” where we framed our talk series around questions our youth had given us the previous term. We looked at issues such as the existence of God, homosexuality, depression, suffering & why Jesus is such a big deal. How’d it go? Really well I feel. All our speakers did a thorough job in preparation and spoke very clearly in applying God’s truth not only to the issues but also to our lives.  Throughout the term we also continued our support of Najahu – BTX’s sponsor student in Katoke – by doing a Cadbury’s fundraiser. Most of our youth took at least one (if not 2) boxes and joyfully sold them to friends & family raising around $500 in support (a great effort!). It was so encouraging to see how eager they were to continue supporting Najahu and it such a blessing for them, at the end of term, when they received letters Najahu had written to them! It has been a difficult term for some of our young people, however, with various issues they are facing at school and at home. Seeing these struggles that they face and how the leaders & the other youth so beautifully care for these individuals has reminded me of just how important BTX is in our Church. It’s a safe place where young people can come to be loved and cared for and to see the love of Jesus in action. It was sad to farewell our Year 12’s this term, who have been so instrumental in creating a warm and welcoming culture at BTX. But they went out with a BANG! As they organised, with a little help, an excellent farewell night! Please join us in praying for them as they face the challenge of the HSC and big decisions in the year ahead! Numbers aren’t everything but, I must say, it has been a great encouragement for BTX to see an increase in young people coming along and a more committed core group forming. This time last year we were averaging about 12 youth but this term the average was up to 14 – only a slight jump but a great encouragement to all our leaders & youth. As I write this, we are very excited to go to Extreme Camp for “BT-X-treme night” on Wednesday. It’s a great opportunity to get to know and invite the 20 or so Year 6’ers to come and join us next term. Please be praying that we’ll see many come to Christ and also make the transition into BTX that we can help them follow Jesus.

Praise God for:

  • an encouraging & fruitful term
  • our leadership team working well together in unity and joyful trust in Jesus
  • youth loving & caring for each other
  • the youth community that is starting to form at night Church

Pray for:

  • Youth to be active in sharing their faith & inviting friends to BTX
  • Youth to be committed to following Jesus & being a part of BTX & night Church
  • Wisdom in dealing with some difficult issues
  • The Year 6’ers from Extreme to come and join us next term!
  • Our Year 12’s facing the HSC

Thank you. Your brother in Christ, Craig