Springfair Update

The weather was great, the crowds were up, funds raised were over $14,000, but best of all was the Christ-centred teamwork and the joy shown by all in serving. As one member wrote to me during the week “I just wanted to share how encouraged I was by the hard work of many on Saturday. All day I saw our church family getting their hands dirty … What a blessing it is to have so many servants in our church.”   Thank for being the great team you are.

Parish Council Update  –  At a longish meeting our Council addressed the following issues:

  • The 2018 budget was completed with provision made for all our existing staffing & ministries.  Our fundraising this year for 2018 with Fashion Fiesta / Springfair on budget at $21,000 and Thanksgiving at $16,895. But both great team efforts.  Our 2018 Budget would be 1.8% above current giving.
  • Our Building mortgage is now below $230,000 and with the help of our leasings of the property & regular member donations, we are on track to be debt free by the end of 2020.  Currently our properties are leased to 9 different groups for income of over $50,000pa
  • Investigating a) the possible replacement of our photocopier with a newer, better, cheaper model (do we buy or lease?), b) purchase & installation of solar panels if it is economically advantageous.  Richmond Parish has installed a 22Kw for $16,000 and expect it to have paid for itself in 4½ years
  • Install ramping in the children’s playground and church over the Christmas holidays to aid access for wheelchair and frail walkers.
  • A Syrian refugee family have visited Piper cottage & if suitable for their needs, could move in before Christmas.
  • We currently have 2 grant applications for reroofing Thompson Hall $6,700and replacing the deteriorating church facias $13,000
  • Planning a consultation with Archdeacon Kara Hartley & our women on pastoral care of women in the church & development of lay pastors.  PC has allocated $2,000 in our 2018 budget to assist and encourage our female members to pursue further theological training.  Members interested in being part of the consultation or the training should speak to our staff or Parish Councillors – Helen Ient and Laura Burns.
  • PC would like to thank all our members for their prayers, generous giving, unity and love, and always welcome our members feedback

Congo Guest House Project (see photo)

When Bishop Iseomo was with us he shared his vision to build a guest house at Butembo as a way of generating hard currency for their ministries (orphans, refugees, evangelism, training pastors). They made over 250,000 bricks by hand and our church gave over $50,000.  It is now almost finished but they need $250 each to complete the final 6 rooms (furnishing and bathroom).  Jane and I decided to sponsor one room, we’re praying for 5 more.  If you can help, donate through Anglican Aid or via the church but mark clearly “Isesomo guest house”.

Your brother in Christ, Graham