Syrian Refugee family – a Syrian refugee family will take up residence in Piper Cottage, 133 Gymea Bay Road  on Saturday 9th December.  The family are from Homs.  This video shows the devastation of their city.   They are parents around 50 years old and two boys in their 20’s.  They have been in Australia for 9 months and want to move to an area where English, not Arabic speaking, is predominant.   The father is an accountant and the 2 boys are working here with the NSW Public Service.  The family fled Syria via the Kurdish area of Iraq.  They were part of the Presbyterian church in Syria which was American based.  Homs has been all but destroyed by the Regime because it was seen as a centre of rebellion. Offers of help, hospitality and friendship will be co-ordinated through and by our co-ordinators so the family are not overwhelmed or swamped.   Anglicare has appointed an Arabic speaking Case Worker Houssun Zachary, who will provide weekly support visits.  They have very little in the way of furniture or goods and they are very grateful to our church and Anglicare for equipping the cottage. The garage is being converted into a third bedroom.  We are seeking a small garden shed if anyone has one.  It is expected that this family will occupy the property for 9-15 months while they transition to normal rental accommodation.  Please pray for them and for the transition process, and that God would make us sensitive, empathetic and thoughtful in our care for them.

Getting Piper Cottage ready for the Syrians arrival on 9th Dec  –  they have visited twice & are very excited about coming.   That weekend they don’t want any visitors – they just want to settle in.  All offers of hospitality and help should be directed to our church co-ordinators, John & Dawn Cacchia 0419 738 735 and Erica and Pedro Harris 0409 524 918 …  BUT before they arrive we need a lot of help with giving the house a thorough clean – please let George 0405 781 186 or me 0414 859 252 know if you have an hour free before next Thursday.  What needs cleaning? Cutlery, crockery, cupboards, floors, windows, cupboards, bathroom etc.

Thanks to George, Phil, Robbo and others for all the work they are still doing to finalise it ready for occupancy.

Today a small response form is included for our members to fill in to offer different sorts of help to this family –  from shopping, to driving, or hospitality, local visits to the beach, zoo, gallery.  While the boys are currently working, the mother, George and Najwa, are very keen to improve their English and enjoy conversation. 

Watson Family – with their move to Darwin working with BCA at Nungalinga College, the Watsons need to raise $30,000 per year for accommodation.  BCA has pledged $16,000.  Gifts can be given via our church.  So far a little over $2000 has been received.

Your brother in Christ, Graham