CMS Summer School  –  January 2018

Summer school has been for decades, a source of great bible teaching and inspiring missionary updates.  Church members like Bob & Fay East will be attending again for the week 6th-12th Jan.  Others from Gymea are attending for the day Monday 8th January and then sharing lunch at Gordon Robinson’s brother’s home at Katoomba at 1pm.  Carpooling is available. Come up for an inspirational day on the mountains.  See Gordon, Bob & Fay or myself for further information, or  Our link missionaries, the Apieczoneks, from France will also be there!

Christmas Dinner at Church

Each year, James and Kirra Wallace (from night church) arrange dinner at 6pm Christmas Day at church for anyone who would like to share this time together.  It’s informal and all are welcome, but you need to let them know you’re coming for catering purposes! Text or call James on 0421 517 953 to book.  See you there. Thanks James and Kirra—legends.

Christmas at Gymea Anglican

Even though it’s a busy time for us all and even though retailers and media will do everything they can to pump consumerism at the heart of Christmas, I believe it remains a valuable opportunity for those of us who love Jesus.   In a recent survey, almost 50% of Australians said they would probably attend church if a friend invited them.  We are offering six very different, short, focused services this Christmas.  Why not invite those you love to “give it a go this Christmas”?

It’s natural for us as Christians to want to give gifts that matter, that make a difference.   Many missions have gift programs this Christmas that make a huge difference in the lives of the less privileged.  Christian books, selected by you because they “scratch where a loved one is itching” can be life changing, or simply inspiring—like Anglican Aid’s “Chappo” and “Tea & Threads”.


We will kick off 2018 with a bang.  The Men’s Team will be celebrating their 21st Anniversary of the ministry and would like all the men, past and present to join them for the first one of the year 13th February 6.30am for the best breakfast in the Shire and anniversary celebrations.  If you know men who used to attend then please give them an invitation and book the date.

Do you have a shed you don’t need?

We would like to add a small storage shed to Piper cottage.  You may have one you no longer need or know someone who does.  We can dismantle and transport it to site.

Your brother in Christ, Graham