Wishing you God’s richest blessing in Jesus

On behalf of our church and staff I’d like to wish all our visitors and members a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Fresh Start 2018

Each year in January I have found it a helpful refreshment to read through the 4 Gospels over 4 weeks.  I will be doing this again in 2018 and again invite any and every member of our church to join with me.  Last year those in Primary School and those in their 90’s joined in.  If you add your name to the Fresh Start sign up sheet, I’ll send you by email or SMS an encouragement or comment on our reading (but not every day!)  It takes about 10 to 15mins depending on how fast you read.

Grant For Thompson Hall

News came through from  the Attorney General Mr Speakman that our church has been awarded a grant of $6000 to reroof Thompson Hall .  We are very grateful to the State government for their support and to George Ward for his continued work on such grant applications.

Men’s Bible Study Group in the Holidays

During the year, we provide 26 Bible study or LIFE groups for our members and guests .  Most of these stop during the holiday period but Peter Gates has offered to lead a group on Fridays at 10am for an hour for any men who would like to gather for mutual fellowship and encouragement over the long break.  If you’re interested in coming for one or more days please let Peter know on 0408 463 460.

Santa vs Jesus

I don’t wish to bag out the jolly man in red but why is he so popular when he falls so far short of Jesus?  Don’t get me wrong we allowed the red gent to make an appearance when our kids were little  –  even took a few pre-selfie shots of the kids with him in his home at David Jones.  But Santa is really into scare tactics … he’s “keeping a list and checking it twice, he’ll find out who’s naughty or nice …” He rewards the very good.  Santa is a once a year wonder  –  he’s not around in the hard times.  And he’s not real … or so they tell me!

But Jesus is all about grace.  He didn’t give a sack full of unneeded presents  –  he gave his life to be our Saviour.  He gives forgiveness and eternal life to all who depend on Him.  Jesus promises to never leave us or forsake.  He’s with us now and for ever.  He gives us his Spirit to live in us and empower us.  And he’s real and alive today … at least that’s been my experience for the past 53 years.

Your brother in Christ, Graham