Wit & wisdom from CMS Summer School, Katoomba, January 6 – 11 , 2018  

Summer School was an enjoyable experience and a great inspiration.  Archbishop Glenn spoke on Daniel crossing cultures (probably still a teenager) when taken into exile in Babylon. Faced with eating rich royal foods, he opted for vegetables.  “The first time in recorded history a teenager has ever voluntarily eaten vegetables!”

In acknowledging your Christian faith;  three tips gleaned from various speakers;

  • Don’t say,  “I’m a Christian”.  Rather say, “I’m a follower of Jesus.”
  • Prepare a quick grab, “What I’ve been doing on the weekend”  and go on to mention your Christian-related activities, e.g.,  “At church I met this Syrian family who came  to Australia after fleeing the terrible war that destroyed much of their city, Homs.  ……”
  • The gospels are really four biographies of Jesus.  For someone interested it is best to suggest that they read one of the biographies of Jesus .  Don’t suggest someone reads the bible.

The keynote speaker, Richard Chin, gave five brilliant talks on Paul’s letter to the Colossians.

  • The turning point in his life was when Bishop Paul Barnett asked him, “Is Jesus number 1 in your life?  If not you are not really a Christian.”
  • “We are dual citizens –   of heaven and of earth – and we can still run for parliament”!
  • “We seek to live God’s way now – so we reduce the culture shock when we get there.”
  • Christian calling,  “To live as if it is better to die than to be faithless.”
  • “God’s infallible strategy:   “Prayerful proclamation of Jesus Christ through suffering.  “Paul was not a masochist but,  if you are not willing to suffer for the gospel you are not worthy to be a minister of the gospel”
  • Men should love their wives even to death.
  • Cherish her as an equal – a co-heir in Christ.  Ask her , Do you feel I love you?  How can I do that?  Make submission a joy.  Turn off the cricket and watch Downton Abbey instead!!
  • Fellowship:  Not just having a cup of tea with a friend.  Self sacrificing conformity to a shared vision.
  • Paul wrote from prison and we would expect that his most pressing desire would be to get out.  Paul indeed asked for an open door –  but not the door of the prison but the door of opportunity to tell others about Jesus!

Alan Watson