“Jesus is                ” Mission  (just 34 days away)

By now you would all be aware that  on 18-25 March we have the privilege of sharing with 52 churches in the lllawarra & Shire and 300+ students and staff from Moore College.  The aim is for us to ask others who do you believe Jesus is….?

A wonderful way to share Jesus with others is to invite them to hear Jesus and the faith explained.  So here are some opportunities we have arranged. We are NOT expecting every member to come to every event.  But our prayer is that each of us will be able to bring one person to one event.

Saturday17th March  Women’s Brunch with Vicki Brasington  – see Rosie Archer
Sunday  18th March   Morning churches at 7:45am and 9:30am with Dr Peter Jensen
Sunday  18th March  Arvo & Night churches with Dr Richard Chin
Wednesday 21st March Combined Area Lunch with Dr Richard Chin 12noon
Friday 22nd March         Combined Youth night at Jannali
Saturday 24th March  Men’s Breakfast at Sealevel Restaurant with Al Stewart
Sunday  25th March  7:45am with Moore College  9:30am Rescue Sunday
Sunday  25th March  Arvo Rescue Sunday Night church with Dr Chip Campbell

So what a wonderful group of speakers and events!   Please join with me and our leadership in praying now for those you love to accept your invitation.   And pray that God will do might things here and across our region.

Women Pastoring Women

For many years I have been keen for us to employ a Women’s Pastor.  Parish Coun­ cil has also been keen and investigated this.  But so far we have been unable to.  So a number of our women and I met with Archdeacon Kara Hartley to investigate op­ tions.  She suggested we accredit and appoint godly, capable women who will make themselves available to talk, pray & read the Bible with women members of our church. They’re not counsellors nor “professionals”, but they are sisters in Christ who we believe are available, wise and godly for this roll.

The first line of pastoral care for all our members is our LIFE groups, supported by our staff and Pastoral care teams.  WPW will add an extra level of care.  I am per­ sonally very very grateful to these women and all our members for the level of loving care that I see daily going on in this church.  Those involved at this stage are Bev Derret, Jean Robinson, Deanna King, Kerrie Clelland, Helen lent, Jane Crew, Eliza­ beth Watson, Laura Burns, Brielle Buckley, Julia Harrison, Kristy Stalder and some others.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew