Can you keep a secret ?

LIFE groups and how powerful they are  –  the best kept secret around.  But I believe we should be shouting about how good they are.  Why?

Church Health –  time after time all the books & surveys on what makes a healthy, vibrant, caring church … will major on small groups.  Because small groups help us with …

Reflection  –  I became a follower of Jesus when I was 14 in Year 8 at school.  By year 9 I had joined a small group at church to read the bible and pray. To be honest, the attraction was 2 particularly attractive girls in the group and I attended an all boys school. But in that small group I didn’t just hear what being a Christian was I saw it and heard how Jesus was changing my peer group, not just the preacher at church.

Transparency  –  we can all put on our Sunday faces at church or just stand back not engaging with others.  But in a LIFE group we can’t hide either our feelings or our faith walk, our joys and our struggles.  In almost 40 years of marriage, Jane and I have missed only a year or two of not being in a small group together.  It’s helped our marriage and relationship … it’s hard to hold grudges & have the grumps when your in prayer time together and sharing round the word of God.

Care  –  small groups are the key to real loving pastoral care in any church including ours.  LIFE groups are THE chief pastoral factor at Gymea.  We are blessed with others but these are the key place.  We can’t know and care for everyone in our church, not even everyone in our congregation.  But we can pray for & care for our small group … and that then frees us up to care for new comers and others when we go to church on Sundays.  We have 27 LIFE groups! I know there’s one right for you.

Annual Parish Meeting 8th March Thursday 7.30pm

We are blessed here with faithful, godly men and women willing to serve us in overseeing our property and finances.  Please see  those who have so far been nominated for leadership this year.  Please pray for them and our meeting.  Nomination forms need to be in by Monday 5th March please.  If you are a leader, please have your written reports emailed to Kim by Friday 2nd March.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew