Annual Parish Meeting — this Thursday night

Please come along if you can and if not be prayerful for the proceedings and that God would once again raise up those who can serve us in the roles of warden, parish nominator and Parish councillors.  The 2018 Budget will be presented and the 2017 accounts distributed.  Members are warmly invited to bring their proposals and questions for the incoming PC to wrestle with.  Special thanks to our treasurer Carol Pennington and our financial team Dean Eades, Steve Leitch and Luke Riley.  Thank you to our members who give so generously and regularly for our ministries here and around the world.

B & C safely settling into their new home

We’ve heard that they are moving in to their new home and commencing language studies next week.  Please pray for this major and challenging task.  Pray for them to embrace the new culture and begin to meet people and their new team.

Annual Appeal for our Building Fund

Over the past 8 years our members have given to reduce our mortgage from over $800,000 to now around $260,000. Over the next 3 years while interest rates are lower our PC has set the goal of removing the debt completely by the end of 2020.  I believe we can do it if we all play a part.  Parish Council is hoping to raise $20,000 over March & April to take a sizeable chunk out of this debt. All the money from the rental of the church buildings (about $50,000pa) is put towards this debt repayment.  The rest is from members gifts.  None of the money given for the church’s ministries goes to debt repayment.  Please see our wardens and PC members for details.

21st Anniversary Celebrations for our Men’s Breakfast!

What a great morning it was.  Thanks to our team led by George Milton and by the late Bob Whitten.  Special thanks to Adi Paterson who spoke on the theme  “Brothers helping brothers to hold firm, growing in Christ”

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew