Annual Appeal for our Building Fund   –  March April

Over the past 8 years our members have given to reduce our mortgage from over $800,000 to now around $260,000. Over the next 3 years while interest rates are lower, our PC has set the goal of removing the debt completely by the end of 2020. This is the time I am due to retire from leadership at this church and so it has been my goal to finish my ministry here with the Parish debt free.  I believe we can do it if we all play a part.  Parish Council is hoping to raise $20,000 over March & April to take a sizeable chunk out of this debt. All the money from the rental of the church buildings (about $50,000pa) is put towards this debt repayment.  The rest is from members gifts.  None of the money given for the church’s ministries goes to debt repayment.  Please see our wardens and PC members for details.

Angela Michael & Miracle Schools in Pakistan

We were all deeply blessed and challenged by Angela Michael’s story.  600 children now have the chance to escape family slavery in Lahore‘s brick factories as they learn in the 2 schools this wonderful lady has founded.  For as little as $1,500 some families have been “redeemed” out of family bondage. Thanks to Primetime for hosting her.
Donations to Angela’s work and Miracle schools can be made via the Anglican Aid web site.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew