Next Sunday 25th March
At 7.45am we will have some students from Moore College to share and speak. 9.30am church will be celebrate our annual Rescue Sunday, to say “thankyou” to the many emergency services with the assistance of the Attorney General Mark Speakman. Moore College students will lead us in a family service presentation. Arvo church will have the same Rescue Sunday format, then at 6pm church Dr Chip Campbell will preach. These are all excellent opportunities to invite people to church then and at Easter.

Guest Speakers At Easter
Stephen Gibson (Miranda Anglican) will speak at our annual Maundy Thursday Lord’s Supper at 7pm and Bishop Reg Piper will speak at our combined service on Good Friday. Craig Stalder will speak on “Jesus is….Alive” at all 4 services on Easter Sunday.

Solar Panels For Our Church
Our Diocese encourages all Parishes to be environmentally responsible. As part of a good community citizen and for good economic reasons, Parish Council has decided to install solar panels at the 2 pastor’s houses and on the church. It is estimated that we will recoup all the cost of installation ($25,000 to 27,000) with 4-5 years. I am grateful to Jimi Archer for his research and expertise in this major undertaking.

Thompson Hall Walk Way & Ramp
Thankyou to Warren Stalder and those who have helped to complete this very necessary project and make the hall more accessible to all.

Results of Annual Parish Meeting
Praise God for our new Parish council. This year’s results are as follows:

Parish Council
Matt Robson, James Archer, Paul Archer, Sean Buckley, Julia Harrison, Helen Ient, Laura Burns, Carol Pennington, and Justin Vincent.

Barbara Archer, Sean Buckley, Julia Harrison, Steve Leitch, Matt Robson.

Dean Eades, Laurie Archer and Steve Leitch (Rector’s Warden)

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew