At 7.45am we will have Scott Monk from Moore College to share and speak. 9.30am church will be celebrate our annual Rescue Sunday, to say “thankyou” to the many emergency services with the assistance of the Attorney General Mark Speakman. Moore College students will lead us in a family service presentation. Arvo church will have the same Rescue Sunday format, then at 6pm church Dr Chip Campbell will preach.

Guest Speakers At Easter
Stephen Gibson (Miranda Anglican) will speak at our annual Maundy Thursday Lord’s Supper at 7pm and Bishop Reg Piper will speak at our combined service on Good Friday. Craig Stalder will speak on “Jesus is….Alive” at all 4 services on Easter Sunday.

Women Pastoring Women
For many years I have been keen for us to employ a Women’s Pastor. Parish council has also been keen and investigated this. So far we have been unable to, so a number of our women and I met with Kara Hartley to investigate options. She suggested we accredit and appoint Godly, capable women who will make themselves available to talk, pray and read the Bible with women members of our church. They are not counsellors nor “professionals”, but they are sisters in Christ who we believe are available, wise and Godly for this roll.

The first line of Pastoral care teams. WPW will add an extra level of care. I am personally very very grateful to these women and all our members for the level of loving care that I see daily going on in this church. Those involved at this stage are Bev Derrett, Jean Robinson, Deanna King, Kerrie Clelland, Helen Ient, Jane Crew, Elizabeth Watson, Laura Burns, Brielle Buckley, Julia Harrison, Kristy Stalder and some others.

Apieczonek’s Visit to Gymea
It is our privilege to have Josh and Suzannah and their beautiful children with us for a week 8-13th April.  Please take every opportunity you can yo hear them, pray for them and reconnect before they return to Lyon France for another 3 years.  Groups and individuals are welcome to join with any of these groupings

Sunday 8th APRIL all four services

Monday 9th             7.30 to 9pm at church – Craig Stalder co-ord

Tuesday 10th          9.30am church & 10.30-11.45am Chris Leong co-ord in Roughley Hall

7.30 to 9.15pm  at church co-ord by Alan Watson and Sean Buckley

Wednesday 11th     9.30am (+ child minding)  Thompson Hall Or church Felicity Croucher co-ord innating.

11am Primetime (in church) finish 1pm  Steve Leitch & Dr Bonamy co-ordinating

7.30-9.15pm  Jill & Phil co-ord. at their home (1B San Remo Avenue Gymea)

Thursday 12th       9am-10.30am at church Jean and Gordon Robinson co-ord.

 Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew