Report from ECPNG

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck PNG on Feb 26th followed by 57 aftershocks throughout the weeks that have followed. Obtaining accurate information has been difficult but so far 157 deaths have been confirmed. The damage is extensive and widespread, well beyond the Huli area. Trees are uprooted. Food gardens & houses have been destroyed and people are taking shelter in makeshift huts. Drinking water is smelly and black. The injured are fighting for their lives without help. At Malanda every building came down: church, medical centre, school. The only house that survived was our house where many are sheltering. At Tari (ECPNG Headquarters) many buildings have been damaged or destroyed including the Print press, Guesthouse, Main office, and most residences. The loss has run into millions of dollars and none of the churches would have those resources.

The Australian and New Zealand Governments are providing relief supplies but it will be difficult reaching many areas as many airstrips have huge cracks and are closed. MAF, SIL and SDA aircraft are assisting.


The bereaved & the displaced as they mourn lost ones and contemplate the future & for Pastors and others as they minister to them.

That medical facilities and schools will soon be able to start operating again even with limited facilities

For ECPNG and other church leaders as they care for others contemplate what to do about damaged property, how to plan for the future in cleaning up, reconstruction, security etc.

Apieczonek’s Visit to Gymea

It is our privilege to have Josh and Suzannah and their beautiful children with us for a week 8-13th April.  Please take every opportunity you can yo hear them, pray for them and reconnect before they return to Lyon France for another 3 years.  Groups and individuals are welcome to join with any of these groupings.

Sunday 8th APRIL   all four services
Monday 9th             7.30 to 9pm at church – Craig Stalder co-ord.
Tuesday 10th          9.30am church & 10.30-11.45am Chris Leong co-ord in Roughley Hall
.                                 7.30 to 9.15pm  at church co-ord by Alan Watson and Sean Buckley
Wednesday 11th     9.30am (+ child minding)  Thompson Hall Or church Felicity Croucher co-ordinating.
.                                 11am Primetime (in church) finish 1pm  Steve Leitch & Dr Bonamy co-ordinating
.                                 7.30-9.15pm  Jill & Phil co-ord. at their home (1B San Remo Avenue Gymea)
Thursday 12th        9am-10.30am at church Jean and Gordon Robinson co-ordinating.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew