Support the Brownings continued work in East Africa

Many of our members want to continued praying and giving for their work.  Though the Brownings are now living on the Central coast to care for their children and extended family, Andrew is not practicing surgery in Oz.  He is overseeing the work and fundraising for 4 hospitals in South Sudan, Tanzania and Ethiopia.  To receive their prayer newsletter email David Browning at or donate to the Barbara May Foundation (tax deductable).  Andrew is paid a salary to enable him to continue their work and care for his family.  Andrew will be travelling back to  Africa every 2-3 months to oversee the work, train staff and perform surgery.

Opportunity the talk with men about footy and Jesus

On Thursday 19th July at 7pm at Miranda Cinema we have the opportunity to do this.  We have the rare chance to see a movie written & produced by a Rugby League front rower!  Jason Stevens.  He’s also a TV presenter with his wife Bec, and a graduate of NIDA, with a degree in economics – you never can tell!

The movie to be released commercially around the country in August is called “Chasing Comets”. I’ve seen a pre-release copy.   It tells the story of the life of a Wagga based rugby league player – his struggles with footy, romance, rival codes, and eventually faith in Christ.  It’s loosely based on Jason’s life but set in Wagga so there AFL and NRL involved to try to broaden its appeal.  It’s sort of the Castle meets the Footy Show.  It’s genuinely funny with sports personality Beau Ryan and Soapie “stars” involved, so it has popular appeal.   You can google it and get information on line.

Jason will hopefully be present to do a short discussion starter Q & A after the showing which runs 90 mins.  I’ll be going and I’ve booked 30 tickets for our men and their friends.  So please join me and let me know you want a ticket or 2.

“Church – it’s better and worse than you imagine”

That’s the title of John Dickson latest doco which I look forward to seeing soon.    It got me thinking as I’m preparing our sermon series on Ephesians.  This could have been the Apostle Paul’s subtitle for many of his letters.  Could you imagine being a member of the church at Corinth for example!  Just read 1 Cor 6:9-11 or 11:17-22 for example  (editor’s note – our plan is to study 1 Corinthians 11-16 in term 4).

My experience of churches, over the past 49 years since God saved me, has been very very positive with a few hiccups along the way.  I have found real love and care in churches that I believe far surpasses anything in our community.  Yet we Christians and our churches are far from perfect.  However as I read through Ephesians I’m reminded repeatedly of just what a high value God puts on churches and on Gymea Anglican in particular.  In 1:18 we are God’s “inheritance” … his investment that he paid for by the death of His Son and looks forward to enjoying for eternity.

In Ephesians 2:11-22 that we are studying in church today, churches are radical new communities that display how God is breaking down the divisions that sin creates.  Sin separates people by classes, tribes, races, skin colour, education, money etc.  In Paul’s day sin made the OT laws & rituals necessary.  But Jesus smashed that division too – see 2:14.  Now God is building a beautiful temple for himself to live in – called “church” – Gymea Anglican Church.  What a very high calling we have.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew