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GAFCON UPDATE, SRE Update from Olivia

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GAFCON UPDATE Bishop Michael Stead reports  –  The third Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) was held in Jerusalem in June 2018, a decade after the inaugural Gafcon in 2008. Gafcon 2018, one of the largest global Anglican gatherings, brought together 1,950 representatives from 50 countries, including 316 bishops, 669 other clergy and 965 laity. A unanimity […]

PNG Earthquake Update, Upcoming Sermon Series

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PNG Earthquake Update The violent magnitude 7.5 earthquake at 3.44am on 26th February caused at least 145 deaths. The main trauma is around several airstrips south of the epicentre between Moro and Mougulu and north of Bosavi. Most of the people have lost their houses and gardens. 4,242 people and 28 villages are impacted. MAF,SIL,SDA aircraft, Ok […]

A Word from Charlotte Thacker, Chaplaincy/Generate Ministries

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A Word from Charlotte Thacker I’m both excited and nervous for my upcoming mission trip to Fiji with Year 13, embarking on Thursday the 21st of June and returning on July 19th. Before the trip I’d like prayer for calm and good preparation so I can be a good member of my team and remember that […]

Refugee Week Sunday 17 – Saturday 23 June

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Refugee Week Sunday 17 – Saturday 23 June In the OT, God commands Israel to show compassion to the alien and refugee in their midst, most often as a result of wars.  In the NT Christians are commanded to care for the neediest of their community, including the widow and orphan, and to love their […]

Guest Speakers at Church

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Guest Speakers at Church I think guest speakers are a great idea – and not just because it gives Craig and me a “week off”.  We love teaching God’s word in any and every context.  It’s what we believe God has gifted and given us to do and we count it an enormous privilege.  Thanks […]