Guest Speakers at Church

I think guest speakers are a great idea – and not just because it gives Craig and me a “week off”.  We love teaching God’s word in any and every context.  It’s what we believe God has gifted and given us to do and we count it an enormous privilege.  Thanks for allowing us and paying us to do it!  And, apologies when we miss the mark.

Still – guest speakers are good for members and pastors to hear another voice, other perspectives & insights.  Over the next 3 months we have a number of speakers from inside and outside our church.  Some of the visitors will be:

On 15th July, Dr Mark Stephens will speak at our 5pm combined church.  He teaches New Testament and Integrated Theology at  Excelsior College and is speaking at our Parish Weekend away at Port Hacking.

On 5th August, Moore College Sunday, in the morning, we will hear from Stephen Gibson, former member of Moore College Board & about to transition from St Luke’s Miranda to be Director of Special Chaplaincies with Anglicare.

At our 4pm and 6pm congregations Dr Peter Orr will preach.  He is a New Testament lecturer at Moore having formerly studied chemical engineering.  As an Arsenal fan its not been a good year for Peter … please remind him of that.

On 12th August, Presiding  Bishop Glen Lyons from REACH Anglican Churches South Africa will be speaking at all services.  Glen comes from a Jewish background in Cape Town.  He was saved following the Kenilworth Church massacre there on 25 July 1993. Four terrorists of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA) killed 11 members of the congregation and wounded 58 in a grenade and assault rifle attack.  Glen formerly worked as a paramedic.

What a wonderful blessing these guests will be!  Try not to miss any of them even if it means coming to your usual congregation and coming to another one as well – it all helps us to live out our motto together  –   GROW – SHARE – LOVE.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew