A Word from Charlotte Thacker

I’m both excited and nervous for my upcoming mission trip to Fiji with Year 13, embarking on Thursday the 21st of June and returning on July 19th.

Before the trip I’d like prayer for calm and good preparation so I can be a good member of my team and remember that it’s God I’m working for.

While there, I would love to be safe and healthy while I immerse myself in the people and culture and that our team would be a light to them. Thank you so much my wonderful, generous church that are ready to love and support me all the way.  There are prayer sheets in the stand in the foyer with points on it if you want to support me while I’m away. Or you can keep up to date by following the Facebook page: “Year 13 in Fiji 2018.”

Chaplaincy/Generate Ministries

Sylvania Heights Public School greatly value Rosie Archer, who works two days a week as a School Chaplain. Rosie provides a listening ear and valuable advice to teachers and students in and out of class. She facilitates programs to help develop friendships, social skills and support students through difficult circumstances.

Rosie’s ministry is supported by Brielle Buckley who manages communications for Generate Ministries. Brielle enables schools, churches and communities to understand the value of chaplaincy and SRE in public schools; and seeks to increase support for these programs.

Generate Ministries serves in NSW public schools providing holistic Christian pastoral care. Following the example of Jesus, Chaplains care practically for students and their school communities.

Chaplains provide a listening ear to struggling students. They help students deal with issues such as bullying, relationships, social skills, anxiety, grief and loss, family breakdown and resilience.

Thanks to the extension of the national program and exciting new state funding, more NSW public schools can now choose to have a Chaplain.

There are several chaplaincy roles available if you would like to consider the opportunity. mychaplain.org.au/positions Keep Chaplaincy strong by giving a tax-deductible donation to Generate’s work  generate.org.au/sowtogrow by 30 June.

Praise God for the recent Federal Budget announcement of the continuation of the national chaplaincy program. Pray for the new state program to be implemented well into new schools.

Pray for School Chaplains that they would have wisdom and a servant heart as they seek to care practically for students and their families. We particularly pray for Rosie Archer serving at Sylvania Heights Public School.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew