PNG Earthquake Update

The violent magnitude 7.5 earthquake at 3.44am on 26th February caused at least 145 deaths. The main trauma is around several airstrips south of the epicentre between Moro and Mougulu and north of Bosavi. Most of the people have lost their houses and gardens. 4,242 people and 28 villages are impacted.

MAF,SIL,SDA aircraft, Ok Tedi, Mobil Exxon as well as the Australian and New Zealand governments have provided relief supplies and aircraft to move goods. Buildings, roads and bridges were all damaged or destroyed.

The ECPNG Malanda (Komo) station reportedly had the school, aid post and maternity buildings and staff housing destroyed. Only one building was left standing.

At Tari at least 17 buildings were damaged at the ECPNG headquarters including the Print Press, guesthouse, main office and most of the residences.

Please pray for the bereaved, the displaced, those providing assistance, and pastors as they minister to them. The people have asked for Bibles, medical facilities and schools  to be able to start operating again soon.  Pray too for ECPNG (our Mission partner) and other church leaders, especially ECPNG President Hengebe.  Hengebe will be visiting Australia briefly in July to coordinate aid. Tragically there has been a lot of tribal fighting around Tari with a lot of payback killings. Pray for effective control in the situation.

Upcoming Sermon Series

After completing Ephesians this week we’ll spend two weeks with the “forgotten prophet” Hosea, who was asked by God to show Israel just how persistent God’s love for them was.  Then we’ll spend some weeks on the theme of “discipleship” with a variety of speakers.  Our major series in term 3 will be 1 & 2 Kings also known as the forgotten years of Israel  850 to 600BC with the challenging theme of trusting God in all circumstances.  

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew