Update and Cancer Insights from Bishop Ivan Lee

Ivan has been a friend for more than 30 years.  He followed me as rector at Hurstville Grove; was my bishop whilst at Springwood; and presided at my commissioning at Gymea 8 years ago. His cancer has returned.  Please pray for him. Ivan himself trained to be a doctor prior to entering Bible College.  He writes:

Yesterday it was confirmed by specialists at North Shore Hospital that a cancer has developed again in my pancreas. Although this is very distressing news, the good news is that the cancer does not seem to have spread and the surgeon has said he is able to operate. So next Tue 24th July, I will undergo an operation to remove the rest of my pancreas and also the spleen which lies very close. Although a serious operation (4 hours), it is simpler than the awful Whipple operation back in 2015 (11 hours). Naturally, Virginia and I would appreciate your prayers, that the operation goes smoothly without complications, and that recovery will go well. 6 months of chemotherapy will follow. I forgot to ask the surgeon when I will be back at work, but I assume in a few months.

Virginia, our three daughters and I all have a firm trust in God’s goodness. He has already given us the greatest gift of all, his Son the Lord Jesus who died for our sins, and eternal life. We are also grateful for the past two and a half years of reasonable health. We will continue to trust him no matter what happens. So many people, including church members, sustained me through their prayers back in 2015-16.

Glory to God.  Ivan

Weekend away At Home

Thanks to our gracious God for the wonderful weekend of his grace working in all. Special thanks to the organising team-Steve, Sam, Cameron and Craig. To Alan for preaching Sunday morning. To Olivia and our children’s team. To those who prayed and Steve, George, Diane and team who organised the celebration 5pm service and dinner for 115!

What a blessing Dr Stephen’s messages were for all.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew