News From The Congo

Dear friends and partners in God’s mission. Greetings from Butembo/DR Congo. I want to inform you of  the diocesan synod (meeting 28-29th July). In this synod we will elect the bishop of the new diocese of Beni and on Sunday we will have ordained 9 new pastors.  We need your support through prayers.

Bishop Isesomo (North-Kivu diocese)


Andrew Browning Medical Mission to East Africa

Andrew will be leaving for Dar es Salaam on Monday 6th August to train some doctors there, to Ethiopia to one of BMF hospitals (very briefly to meet with the board) and then Andrew says “ to Arusha to operate in our new hospital.

It’s starting slowly with about 50 deliveries this month. Our ultimate target is 200-250 deliveries a month, so not a bad start! God has blessed us with ironing out some early teething problems..”


Parish Prayer Night

What a wonderful time this was!  You’d expect me to say that wouldn’t you and yes it is always good to meet together to pray.  But this time was special because we engaged in “Speed Dating Prayer”.  Now before you think we’ve gone mad or trendy or both—let me explain.

James Archer got us into two circles and the inner outer circle moved every 5-8 minutes.  Each time we got a new “prayer partner”, a new topic or issue came up on the screen for us to pray.  It worked very well for both interaction with various church members across congregations but also, instead of praying in a large group, we prayed in pairs with maximum time given to talking to God, not just sharing prayer points.

No doubt James will have a different format next time but, can I encourage all our members to come?  Prayer really matters and under God, prayer changes things for the better   –  such is the graciousness of God to his children.

PS  thanks to God for our wonderful and faithful members of the Prayer Chain who pray confidentially and daily for those matters that members share with them.

Your brother and pastor, Graham Crew