Thanksgiving Sunday 21st October

This is a highlight in our year.  We review what God has done among us over the past 12 months. Members are invited to share their own stories. We seek to raise $20,000 in special gifts to underwrite ministry for 2019 (this provides a kick start for our 2019 budget to avoid shortfalls).  I’d value your suggestions about what you’d love us to do as part of our Thanksgiving celebrations.  I was wondering if we might hold a picnic at Bundeena and include in it for the adventurous ones, a “Paddle-athon” from Gray’s Pt and a Fun Run / walk through the bush, culminating at Bundeena!  What do you think?

PS – I thank God for your support of our SRE Appeal. Our goal was $15,000 in just 6 weeks and you amazingly gave just over $15,000.  Any gifts to this Fund are still tax deductable throughout the year.

Church Noticeboard 

For many years our church has used the noticeboard as an opportunity to speak to passers by about our saviour.  It’s a “hit or miss” ministry that I’d ask you to pray for those who read it for God to speak to them.  We all have heard how much just writing “eternity” was used by God.

I’ve tried to be a bit more provocative this term.  I’ve begun by quoting 4 famous names 2 of them atheists followed by some of Jesus’s promises.  Why?  The first 4 I’m praying they will challenge unbelieving Aussies to really consider the consequences of accepting popular atheism.  If there is no God, then there really is no hope.  Is this what they want for themselves and their kids?  I’d value your feedback and also your suggestions for future texts.  I want the board’s message to be provocative but also holding out the grace of God, inviting not pushing away.

Here’s the next 7 weeks.

  • Richard Dawkins (atheist) “There is no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pointless indifference”
  • Richard Dawkins (atheist) we are just “machines for propagating DNA”
  • Dostoyevsky (author) “without God … everything is permitted”
  • Alex Rosenberg (atheist) “there is nothing good or bad in itself”
  • Jesus “I have come that you might have life … to the fullest”   John 10:10
  • Jesus “what good is it if you gain the whole world yet lose your soul”  Mark 8:36
  • Jesus “whoever believes in me shall never die”  John 11:26

FUSE Camp:  8-11 October  (Y4-6 Primary & Y7-12 Secondary) Mon to Thurs

This year for the first time our Primary and High School camps are combining at Port Hacking in the October school holidays.  Why take this adventurous step?  Because it brings our youth and children’s leaders together. It allows the children to have separate programs and still be together.  It encourages transition from one group to the next.  This helps Year 6 students especially to make the move to BTX our high school group which meets on Friday nights.  This year we’ll be at Deer Park which is a larger site allowing for more activities and better accommodation.

Will you please join me in praying for 75 kids to register – why 75 (it’s not because that’s how old Steve Leitch is!)  The camp site requires a minimum of 75.  And wouldn’t it be wonderful for 75 kids to spend 4 days doing amazing adventurous stuff, hearing about Jesus and meeting up with our wonderful young leaders.   PS – it’s one church activity our grandson loves!

Your brother and pastor, Graham Crew