FUSE Camp: 8-11 October  (Y4-6 Primary & Y7-12 Secondary)

This year for the first time our Primary and High School camps are combining at Port Hacking in the October school holidays.  Why take this adventurous step?  Because it brings our youth and children’s leaders together. It allows the children to have separate programs and still be together.  It encourages transition from one group to the next.  This helps Year 6 students especially to make the move to BTX our high school group which meets on Friday nights.  This year we’ll be at Deer Park which is a larger site allowing for more activities and better accommodation.

Will you please join me in praying for 75 kids to register – why 75 (it’s not because that’s how old Steve Leitch is!)  The camp site requires a minimum of 75.  And wouldn’t it be wonderful for 75 kids to spend 4 days doing amazing adventurous stuff, hearing about Jesus and meeting up with our wonderful young leaders.   PS – it’s one church activity our grandson loves!

Parish Council Report from their meeting last week

1.Finances  –  Member giving was again slightly over budget for July . Council gave thanks for this and the generosity he has inspired in our members. PC thanked the Treasurer Laurie Archer for his work.

2.Building Mortgage – Over the past 8 years this is down from over $800,000 to now $174,000.  Council is continuing to aim for being debt free by Dec 2020.

3.Grants – application is being made seeking $4,000 to install a large TV in the northern hall and to improve broadcasting to the church hall from the church for major events

4.Weekendaway – council invited proposals for a change of venue in 2019 in light of concerns over costs and closeness of Deer Park.  PC thanked those who have made submissions.  It was decided to continue this investigation but to book Deer park now so as not to lose this venue for 2019.

5.Church solar panels –  A recent check showed that the church panels were generating an average of 62.5kw daily compared to average power usage of 70kw.  Meaning that even in winter we are almost energy neutral, as well as making some economic savings.  PC will report more in the future on how this investment is progressing.

6.Thanksgiving Celebrations – Our annual Thanksgiving Sunday will be held on 21st October.  What’s new is a Parish Thanksgiving Picnic will be held at Bonnievale on Saturday 20th Oct at 11am to 1pm.  This will be preceded by a paddle-athon / fun run /walkathon / ferry-athon in which members will be encouraged to raise sponsors and $$ for our

Thanksgiving Appeal our target this year is $30,000 under the banner Thanksgiving for Nextgen – Investing in the future”.  Our aim will be to raise $15,000 for Craig and Olivia’s ministry to Youth and children $10,000 for SRE (tax deductible) and $5,000 for scholarship & sponsorships for FUSE camp.  Members will soon receive a letter detailing these plans.

7.Communication – the church faces internet limitations which it is hoped will be rectified with the arrival of the NBN access next year.  New mission partner boards are being planned for better member engagement and info.  We are also seeking to improve wireless coverage in the Roughley Halls.

8.Springfair – A shed will soon be purchased an installed in back yard of Piper Cottage 9.In October, members are invited to place donations for Springfair under the awning of the double garage but asked not to donate large furniture or unsaleable goods.

Your brother and pastor, Graham Crew