Our Older and Frailer members Need help Getting To Church

I understand how busy life gets and we all find being tied to the dreaded “rosters” difficult. Once you get on a roster you can be taken for granted and sometimes never get off it! But would you consider offering to occasionally drive a housebound member to church, or one that can’t easily make it on their own from their aged care residence? Just let me or Kim Cooper know and we can put you in touch with someone who would love to get back to church with your help. Not every week! But now and then.

Praying for our new PM

Whatever our personal political views, I trust we all agree that whoever is in the Lodge they need our prayers and that if the PM is a committed Christian, then that’s a good thing for the nation but also a complicated one for him or her.  There is a helpful article worth reading on Mr Morrison and Aussie politics on 28th August  in the New York Times www.nytimes.com

Politics is a matter of compromise, and as Craig reminded us last Sunday, Australia is a democracy not a theocracy, where the “demos” (people) rule not the “theos” (God).   God’s ways are always best for all people, believers and unbelievers, but for people to follow them they need to be convinced of this. And even when we are convinced, we need God’s Spirit to help us live His way.

I remember Mr Howard saying his Christian faith influenced his politics.  He cited the parables of the good Samaritan (compassion for the needy) and the parable of the talents (personal responsibility) being two aspects of this.

When we pray for Mr Morrison please remember his wife Jenny and their 2 daughters.

Consider a Lasting Legacy

Our church and many others have benefitted greatly by bequests. Many of our recent property and ministry initiatives (including student minister Matt Steele-Smith, Thompson Hall and Piper Cottage renovations) have benefitted from Gwen Wylie’s Bequest. Bequests can be “targeted” by the donor eg. for children’s ministry, building fund etc, but are often most valuable if left open to the wisdom of the wardens for the most necessary project at that time. Please speak to our wardens for any further confidential information.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew