News from Katoke

Alan Watson tells the story of Silivia Geofrey,  Girl School Captain 2017/8, who has just completed her final year (Form 6).    An orphan – she never knew her father and lost her mother when she was in Year 4 of  primary school. An excellent student Silivia was sponsored at KLSS from Form 1 to 6.  She is a most  engaging, outgoing young woman now 21 years of age.  She has a winning smile  and a twinkle in her eye she enjoyed cheeky exchanges with Elizabeth, calling her “Bibi” (grandmother) as she helped with Art/Craft afternoon sessions and in our teacher workshops.  She has been a leader of the school and regional Christian groups and has a clear  sense of hope flowing from her Christian faith, commenting, “Everything you do you are in the hands of Jesus”.  Since finishing her studies she has been the Matron of boarders in a girls’ dormitory while she waits for her results and whether she will get a government loan for further study.  Her final results were very pleasing with Division 2 that qualifies her for university entrance where she hopes to study Engineering but the government loans are to be notified in  October.

Change in our Mission Partners

At our recent PGM and Parish Council meetings, it was agreed that we will have 6 mission partners whom we support financially and prayerfully –Watsons, ECPNG, Katoke, Prestons, Donaldsons & Appieczoneks.  The first 4 will be financially supported by our 930am cake stall, while our arvo and night churches will be asked to financially support the Appas & Donaldsons respectively.  Our members are encouraged to personally support missionaries of their choice, and all our mission partners are supported by funds from our Fashion Fiesta and Springfair.

Bill and Cathy will be returning from West Asia very soon and will not need our fund raising once they have settled back in Oz.  Dr Andrew Browning is now employed by the Barbara May Foundation (BMF) so the Browning family do not need our funding.  However, we will continue to pray for these two families.  If you would like to support the continuing work of Dr Browning then why not sign up as a BMF donor as Jane and I have decided to do.  If you have any suggestions about these changes please speak to staff or PC members.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew