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GAFCON – a remarkable change in the Anglican Church world-wide, SYNOD – some highlights, UPDATE FROM PARISH COUNCIL

by Bob East

GAFCON – a remarkable change in the Anglican Church world-wide The Global Anglican Forum Conference – has already made a remarkable contribution to encouraging Anglican Churches world-wide to honour Jesus and obey the Bible.  GAFCON now represents 70% of the world’s Anglicans and effectively has replaced Lambeth and Canterbury as the effective Anglican Communion.  Peter Jensen has […]

Fuse Camp 2018

by Bob East

Fuse Camp 2018 Last week 51 Youth and Kids from years 4-12 of school went away with a number of our legendary leaders for our first ever ‘Fuse Camp’ – a new initiative of Gymea Anglican fusing our X’treme (kids) and Revive (youth) camps into one! How was it? Fantastic! Despite a number of setbacks […]

Synod meets October 15-17,22-23, The main issues at Synod, FUSE Camp

by Bob East

Synod meets October 15-17,22-23 Our Synod meets over 5 days and nights 3.30pm to 9.30pm.  This is the annual assembly (or parliament) of our diocese.  You are represented by me, and your elected reps Prof Alan Watson and Barbara Archer.  We are always very happy to hear your views or to discuss Synod business with our […]

New defibrillator, Thanksgiving Picnic & Sunday Celebration, The Law Is An Ass

by Bob East

New defibrillator   has been purchased for $2,500 & installed on the wall outside of Roughley Hall.  If a person stops breathing and their heart has stopped, this machine can be used by anyone to restart their heart, whilst CPR is administered.  The defib is self-instructing & you cannot shock people with it unless they need […]