New defibrillator  

has been purchased for $2,500 & installed on the wall outside of Roughley Hall.  If a person stops breathing and their heart has stopped, this machine can be used by anyone to restart their heart, whilst CPR is administered.  The defib is self-instructing & you cannot shock people with it unless they need it.  So please use it if you think the situation requires it. But after first checking the patient, call 000.   Dozens of our members are also trained in how to use it – but if no-one trained is available, please try to use it.

Thanksgiving Picnic & Sunday Celebration

11am to 1pm Saturday 20th Oct at Bonnievale Picnic grounds.  BYO lunch. Preceded by a fun run, paddleathon & rideathon. Fun for all the ages. Parking requires a National Parks sticker ($12) or drop off and park 250 meters outside.

Thanksgiving Sunday 21st Oct – bring your gifts and sponsorship, share stories of God’s working this year.

The Law Is An Ass

In 2015 a bill passed the lower house of state parliament recognising the death of children in utero.  This followed the death of a child in a motor accident.  The bill follows on from the ruling by the Registrar of Births Death and Marriages that any child over the age of 20 weeks which is still born requires a death certificate.

The recent tragic death of a mother to be and her twin boys in utero highlights the legal insanity of laws which fail to recognise that a baby in utero is just as human as one that is born.  The 2015 Bill failed to be presented to the Upper House because of political lobbying by “women’s rights” groups, fearful that if the law was passed it would expose the current laws around abortion to also be questioned.

So as our state laws stand concerning unborn children, the law is an ass.  If a 21 week old foetus is born and dies – it is a human being, with a death certificate and eligible for a funeral.  If the child is killed in utero, medically, accidentally or criminally it is not human.  The deaths of twin boys who were almost full term and who died in the recent road accident don’t count – no-one will be charged with their deaths, nor will death certificates be issued for the passing of their lives. The law is an ass.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew