Synod meets October 15-17,22-23

Our Synod meets over 5 days and nights 3.30pm to 9.30pm.  This is the annual assembly (or parliament) of our diocese.  You are represented by me, and your elected reps Prof Alan Watson and Barbara Archer.  We are always very happy to hear your views or to discuss Synod business with our members.

If you would like to briefly inform yourself on how Synod works and what the major issues are this year (so you can pray about it and also lobby us with your opinions) then this is a very helpful 37 minute podcast outlining the major debates etc

The main issues that will probably be taken up by the media are:

  1. Proposal to give Bathurst Diocese $250,000pa for the next 6 years to prevent it going insolvent and rebuild their biblical ministry.  Only 8 clergy are now fulltime, out of 30.  The Diocese has been caught in the jaws of some very bad financial decisions and the long drought.  The money would come from the Diocesan Property Income which is up $600,000 on last year and is expected to be maintained at this higher level.
  2. Policy on Parish Response to Domestic Violence.
  3. Policies on Gender Identity and also on Gender representation on Diocesan Boards.

Other issues include:

  1. Increase in the Parish Cost Recovery that we  pay the Diocese to cover our insurance, Professional Standards Unit, Property Trust costs etc.  We also pay the diocese a levy which combined with the other 270 Parishes raises $2million per year for new church properties to be bought and built in the Greenfields areas (mostly new western Sydney growth areas).
  2. Policies around lay and assistant ministers.
  3. Levies by the Diocese on Parish income from leases.


Feeding the happy campers! So much had by all that attended FUSE camp.

Well done Olivia, Craig and the team.

Your brother in Christ, Graham Crew