Image of Craig StalderFuse Camp 2018

Last week 51 Youth and Kids from years 4-12 of school went away with a number of our legendary leaders for our first ever ‘Fuse Camp’ – a new initiative of Gymea Anglican fusing our X’treme (kids) and Revive (youth) camps into one! How was it? Fantastic! Despite a number of setbacks (lower enrolment than anticipated, a few leaders needing to pull out last minute due to illness and a bit of wet weather), by God’s grace, the camp surged forward and resulted in one epic week away. We had loads of fun on the Giant Waterslide, Rock climbing, crazy challenges, wide games, Nerf Gun battles, as well just hanging out together.

One fun flavour of the camp “camp cash” was a good idea!!!. At the beginning of the week, each camper received some monopoly-like money to be used in various auctions throughout camp for a wide range of items to bid on (anything from a DVD to a toothbrush). This certainly made for entertaining meal times! They could also compete in some fun challenges to earn more camp cash! This made Fuse Camp feel like an ongoing game!

But the best part of the week was, without doubt, seeing kids and youth engage with the God who made them and loves them. Each day we spent time separately as kids and youth – singing His praise, praying, listening to His Word, and engaging in discussion about what we’d heard. It was such a blessing to hear Olivia share that one child said they were eager to get to know God in the Bible more. Likewise, I was really encouraged to hear one of our youth say the highlight of camp was singing God’s praise as well as their time of prayer during “Quiet Times”. It was such a joy to hear one parent say they’ve seen a positive transformation in their child since they came home Fuse – Praise God!

Overall, Olivia and I, along with our leaders, are exhausted BUT thrilled with the success of Fuse Camp, thankful for the good work God did among us and excited to see what God could do with this ministry in the years ahead. There are still logistical kinks we’ll need to iron out in the future, which were expected, but we’re grateful for what Fuse Camp was and how it impacted young lives for Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers! Please be praying for all our Fuse Campers that the ministry of God’s Word would continue in their hearts and lives to glory of God.

In Christ,Craig and Olivia